Truth Clipsy delivers his debut album, The VIP Room.

Truth Clipsy the VIP Room

Equipped with 17 tracks, there is sure to be something for everybody.

Truth begins the album with “Velvet Rope (feat. PM)”, a very mellow intro to the ride that you are about to experience.

As the album progresses, Truth exhibits writing skills that are unparalleled. Trading bars with the likes of Kurt Stanley, Snipes, Ju$ Money and Bill Breeze, Truth excels lyrically and really carries the bulk of this album.

The production provided by Woozy Collins, Hazardous Material, and HP (theTouchTones) is impeccable. The producers really add to the replay value of this collection of songs.

Finally, the guest vocalists are truly a class act. With hooks from PM, Michele Davis, Angie Maxx, and B’Jork, Truth creates a mellow ambiance and a fantastic collage of melodies.

Overall, this album is an amazing listening experience and will surely be hailed as an independent masterpiece.






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