Interview with Vyrgo – Industry Night Winner

Industry Night Winner - Vyrgo

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Moss da Beast: What’s cd is in your deck right now?

Vyrgo: Keri Hilson – In a perfect world

Moss da Beast: What made u start doing music?

Vyrgo: My entire family sings, so naturally I inherited the gene. But the day I found out I could was when I received Brandy’s first self titled album at the age of 13. I couldn’t stop trying to hit the same notes, it was uncontrollable.

Moss da Beast: What new do you bring to your genre of music?

Vyrgo: I feel like I bring something refreshing to the table!! It’s something that a lot of people can’t match.

Moss da Beast: Who is a local artist u Are allies with?

Vyrgo: It would have to be my best friend Sweets! She’s a beast of an Emcee and when we get together they can’t handle all the sexy and fly talent that pours out.

Moss da Beast: What type events do u feel help boost your career?

Vyrgo: All events help boost my career. There is always at least one more person that hasn’t seen you perform or heard your music that can pass the word.

Moss da Beast: Are u a mixtape artist? Or will u be dropping an album soon?

Vyrgo: No, Im not just a mixtape artist. The album will be dropping very soon! I’m working on the last few songs now and it will stay in your cd player when you hear it! The only time you’ll take it out is to play it in the house!!

Moss da Beast: What’s your goal in music within next 5 years?

Vyrgo: To become and stay internationally successful! Writing and performing amazing, undeniably beautiful number one hits.


  1. Mr. Ahmad Rashad says

    Great interview and picture! I’ve done a few shows in which Vrygo was booked on the bill and I will admit she is extremely talented. Not only is she a singer, dancer, model & businesswoman, but she also did an amazing job acting in my upcoming music video! I am definitely a fan and I look forward to hearing her album. Congratulations Vrygo!!! Peace

  2. Andre Moore says

    Vyrgo is a very talented and beautiful woman. Her ambitious and drive to be successful in the music industry is second to none.

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